I'm Sera. I'm in college to become a Librarian. I'm huge on fandom and my current fandoms consist of anything from Sherlock Holmes to Marvel comics, DC comics to Doctor Who, Naruto to Junjo Romantica. I like to write, read, and watch whatever my obsession of the week is.


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The unimaginable pain when someone sorts your favorite characters into the wrong Hogwarts Houses



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I have been having an argument with a friend and he says that Marvel is for guys, please help me prove to him that there are lots of women who like Marvel!



80615 strong so far!




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Whenever you’re in small fandom and you really want to talk about it but you can’t find anyone to talk to.

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pairing you really love


pairing you couldn’t give a shit about even if you tried


I have this problem with some of my fandoms, forget the parings I’d love to see in it.


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What the fuck. I don’t even watch Once Upon a Time. How do I have all these feels from it.


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(Oh, god, I'm sorry, please don't think I'm trying to pick a fight. This is just really bothering me.) About Howard 'brushing off' Tony during the film: Tony wasn't trying to show Howard something he made, Tony picked up a piece of the Stark Expo model and potentially was about to start playing with it. I totally agree something got lost in communication somewhere between them, but that wasn't it. Disciplining your child is not the same as dismissing them. Feel free to ignore the nitpicker, now.


You know what, I had to go and rewatch IM2 (again) and yes. Tony does indeed pick up a part of the model for the Stark Expo, it’s not something he’s made himself.  That was my mistake, and thank you for pointing it out.

In that scene, after Tony picks something up and looks at it closely, Howard turns around and tells him “How did you get in here? Where did you get that. Put that back were you found it.” and then says “Where’s your mother? Maria? Go go go—" when someone — (my fangirl heart wants to say it’s Human!Jarvis, but it’s more likely just someone from the TV troupe) picks Tony up and drags him away.

Now let’s consider this. Every little line, every scene in a movie is there for a reason. I’ve worked in editing for a few years, and that I can say quite confidently that the scene we’re discussing isn’t there to show what a great father Howard was, putting boundaries around his kid and disciplining him. The scene of Howard telling Tony to get out of his hair, in not so many words, is there to back up the statement that Tony made to Fury earlier on, when he said his father never even told him he liked him. It’s made to show how Howard behaves towards Tony — quick, dismissive, and uncaring. That scene was there to tell us that Howard doesn’t have time for Tony, leaves him with his mother, has the staff pick up after him, and continues on doing his work which is more important to him, in spite of a kid who most likely was just as curious and bright as Howard and wanted to see what his dad was doing.

That scene is to show how Howard was constantly working, distracted, and too busy for Tony, and it is there to be a contrast to the next one, when Howard tells Tony 'you're my greatest creation.' The purpose of the ‘greatest creation’ scene was to show that despite the fact that he never told him in person, at the bottom of his heart Howard really cared for Tony. That is what pushes Tony to believe what Fury told him, about the hidden element his father couldn’t crack and that he discovers later on. 

True. It wasn’t him dismissing something Tony had made and was excited about. But it was still Howard not sparing five minutes for his kid. And that is extremely damaging. I’ve babysat kids with parents like him. I’ve been friends with kids who had parents like him —not cruel, not abusive (unlike 616!Howard), but careless, cold, dismissive, distant.

Even without the scene we’re discussing, there’s no changing the fact that Tony grew up all his life thinking his father didn’t love him,  like him, most likely never told him he was proud of his accomplishments either, and was happiest when he shipped Tony off to boarding school.

Did Howard do all of this maliciously? No, of course not. Did he still wreck an almost impossible to repair amount of damage on baby!Tony? Absolutely.

I like how you pointed out that the scene was there to show that Howard had more time for everything else - except Tony. Not maliciously, but still just as damaging. Apparently, the original script has Howard sitting in his workshop with infant!Tony and actually showing affection/saying “I love you” (No, really). But when it made it to the final version, they changed it from something warm to something distant/cold. And that couldn’t have been anything other than on purpose.


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Are there people who don’t reblog this?

I can only assume that the ones who haven’t aren’t reading the right books.


If it doesn’t make you mad, it’s not good enough.



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I was listening to a radio station that has this “guys who crossed a line” kind of hour where ladies and men can call in and call out the actions of people who crossed ‘the line’ when it comes to interacting with other people. There was one point in the commentary about a guy who went up and fondled a woman’s breast where the guys that run the show comment that it happened in a bar/restaurant where it’s “expected” that women would receive the “typical” harassment (i.e. a slap to the rear), and I’m not going to lie, I nearly caused an accident I was so shocked.

There should be no “expected” or “typical” harassment - period. Nobody should go anywhere (work or otherwise) expecting to be harassed - end of discussion. Murder, assault, and rape should not be the breaking point where we decide to check escalating violence against other people. We should be checking it from the beginning and any kind of harassment should be considered “crossing a line.”


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Forever bitter that the one thing fandom brings up again and again re: Howard and Tony’s relationship, how Howard never told Tony he loved him, was literally pulled from film. It’s there in the first draft. You see it in the IM2 novelization. He states, explicitly, I love you. And they pulled it and now it’s the benchmark for people “proving” what a horrible, evil father Howard was. 

/gnashes teeth

I have owned this book for how many years, and I didn’t know this how?!

I don’t read the comic tie ins. Several of them have already been discredited by the films, but this. Why couldn’t this version be in the film?

I never got the vibe that Howard was a terrible father (in MCU), just one that didn’t know how to be a father. They more than likely would have gotten along so much better when Tony was older, and it’s a shame we’ll never know one way or the other.